V&A archives – Kensington Olympia

by Sophea

I was once told that getting into the V&A’s clothworkers archive was near on impossible but actually I couldn’t tell you how untrue that is. Everyone there was very helpful and the research I gained from there was so helpful!

I went to look at 20th century men’s suits for the Optional Essay that I am writing as part of my degree. I am focusing on tailoring for the working man between 1919-1939. It is more of a historic than methodical essay and the idea is that I become more engaged and understanding of my practice, as I have found my self leaning more and more into having an interest in mens tailoring. I love the tradition but also how that can be manipulated to create beautiful menswear.

I would love to post some of the amazing pictures from the archives I looked at but I am sworn to secrecy.

I saw some beautiful early 1930’s overcoats and some of the most exquisite examples of tailor made morning suits. I advise that whether you are doing research or just want to have a look at really amazing examples of historic dress, you should book an appointment and head over to V&A Bylthe house.