by Sophea

Unfortunately I haven’t been posting on here over summer as frequently as I would have liked.

Fortunately I was working as a Costume Supervisor on DreamThinkSpeak’s ‘Absent’, so wasn’t able to publish photos etc.

I worked for about a month costume sourcing and making on the show alongside the Costume Designer Meera. It was a really great experience and I really learnt a great deal. I hadn’t previously heard of the company but was blown away by the end by the style and standard of work. It was an incredible piece of theatre and I hadn’t seen anything quite like this before. I have seen in many of the reviews that the easy comparison is between that of Punch drunk, but the styles of the company are very, very different.


I initially entered the project as a helping hand, having worked with the designer on the Low Road at RCSSD as Wardrobe Mistress. Thankfully, she enjoyed working with me the first time and invited me back to work with her again.

The show is a promenade piece which takes you through the basements of Shoreditch Town Hall and concentrates on the redevelopment of a hotel and the impact of a loss of reputation and money on a duchess. The show is still on and will continue to be until the 25th October 2015, so get your tickets quick!