Toiling different cowl necks

by Sophea

I have looked at various patterns to try and recreate the perfect cowl neck that I am after, ideally one that looks like my reference image from easy below. I haven’t done this before, so it has been a little trial and error. I drafted this block above from my original block. The outcome below was just too high in the neck and would be quite unflattering on my actress, particularly on the top. I pinned it roughly to the skirt I made and I am just not satisfied with this at the moment. I need to go back and look at the shape of the cowl again. The skirt probably looks quite unflattering right now but will look better once finished and actually sewn to the bodice.

This is my toile fabric and various linings that I have cut on the bias to sample as calico would not have the weight and drape that I need.