Suggested tips and tricks for bias cutting

by Sophea

  • Test stretch and recovery before beginning my making process to get a fairer understanding of the fabric I choose
  • Lay fabric on the surface and leave it to rest before I cut
  • Lay fabric over tissue paper and cut the fabric and tissue paper as one (I have had this suggested a few times during my research)
  • Ideally use weights over pins
  • Do not double the fabric: cut each piece individually and even if the piece is on the fold, it is recommended you make one large piece rather than having a fold line to reduce warping
  • Use a rotary cutter if possible or serrated scissors
  • Basting instead of pinning is recommended to reduce stretch
  • Always use sharp and fine pins and needles
  • Use a zig zag stitch instead of a straight stitch as overtime the fabric with stretch and move and ideally you will not want the stitch to resist it too much
  • DO NOT FORCE FABRIC THROUGH THE MACHINE! Allow the fabric to feed through itself and carry the weight to decrease the chances of stretch
  • French seams??
  • Always hang before hemming