Royal wedding dresses in the 1930’s

by Sophea

Princess Marina’s wedding dress


This is a beautiful example of 1930’s bridal wear, worn by Marina of Greece on her wedding day to Prince George, Duke of kent in 1934. The fabric was extraordinarily embellished and detailed, with the silhouette remaining quite simple and true to the styles of the day.

Princess Alice’s wedding dress

by Madame Yevonde, Vivex colour print, 1935

In my opinion this is a beautiful example of bridal wear, not just of this period but in general. I really like the idea of having a slightly tinted colour although perhaps not quite as pink as this gown. I really adore the lengths of fabric that are created from the layers of tulle and silk: it is fluid like water. A lot of people found the large bouquets distracting from the dress but I love that everything in high society wedding fashions was slightly elongated, which is a stark contrast from the short hems of the 20’s. Once again in my research waxed orange blossoms are incorporated into the ensemble. To me this is a fine example of the period