Madeleine Vionnet, master in manipulating fabric

by Sophea

This blog post has some really excellent examples of bias cut dresses and is an interesting insight into Madeleine Vionnet, the woman who is credited as the inventor of the bias cut and although it had already been explored by other makers, she really took it to new heights as you can see in this blog post.


” I admire her. I have been surging for her shadow all my life, it’s tiring.”

Yohji Yamamoto about Madeleine Vionnet


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Madeleine Vionnet (Madame Vionnet) was born in June 1876 and started her apprenticeship as a seamstress at age 11. After a short marriage, she left her husband and went to London to work as a hospital seamstress, where she learnt about mass-production. Eventually she returned to Paris to be trained at the fashion houses of the Callot Soeurs and Jaques Doucet. At the Callot Soeurs she learned about the bias cut. Madeleine is often credited as the inventor of that cut, which did upset her very much, because she never claimed herself that place in history! But she did expand the use of the bias cut to perfection.

Bias cut dresses

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The bias cut: a diagonal way of cutting fabric in order to give it stretchability. By making dresses that could be…

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