Wedding dress fabric

by Sophea

So I have begun looking at the fabrics that I will choose. From my research I have found that I need to be looking at silk crepe ideally as it has the amount of weight I will need and the quality. I have so far looked through Pongees and Bennett Silks sample books for the wedding dress fabric. I imagine spending wise I will be looking at at least £20 p/m. I am unable to say exactly how many meters I will need at the moment, especially as it will all depend on the width of the fabric. Obviously the wider, the better.


  • Crepe Satin dyed, 100% silk, 140cm wide – colours 4267 Sable and 4259  Honey (both are roughly £20 p/m

I looked at the duchess satin but the weight of it is just too thick for what I need. Furthermore, it is much easier to find a fabric with a slight texture to it if I use crepe: I think with the cut of the fabric being quite simple, a nicely texture silk will really add something to the dress. I am a particular fan of the sable colour from pongees. I will need to go into store to see a bigger sample of the colour.

Bennett Silks:

  • Double Crepe Morocain, 137cm wide, colours: ivory 91, antique gold 54X
  • Plain Bridal collection – crepe satin, 137cm wide, Ivory only 1806W153
  • Crepe satin, 137cm wide, QUALITY 1806W, colours: 50 blossom*, 04 antique ivory, 301 blush, 03 champenaise

*I particularly liked this colour if I want a rose tone instead of a yellow undertone

The last in the list had a really great selection of colours and I would like to see them on the roll.