Finishing my collar

by Sophea


1. I sewed together my under collar which is two pieces cut on the bias and my top collar which is one piece cut on the fold. I did this by sewing the top collar 2mm outside of the tacked line, into the seam allowance, whilst sewing onto the tacked line of the under collar. This will cause the collar to bag slightly. The idea is that this will assist in helping the top collar roll so that the seams are not on view from the top.

2. Press the seams open using a point press


3. Trim down the seams and grade them with the top collar’s seam being longer than the under collars seam

4. Grading the seams will also help the collar’s seams roll

image  image

5. The above left image is what the top collar will look like before it is turned the correct way in

6. The above right it was the under collar should look like once sewn, before it is turned inside out and pressed