Change of models

by Sophea

Unfortunately, my original model had a busy schedule, so I decision was made to look for a model of a similar build and who also looks as though she could be from the 70’s. Luckily, my tutor suggested Eve, who’s measurements are almost exactly the same and also fits the period well. (It is important to try and use models who look as though their ‘look’ both in face and shape are similar to that of the era, as it will instantly make the costume more period appropriate; if I was replicating a 1940’s Dior New Look dress, it wouldn’t make much sense to put someone of Kate Moss’ build in it, as the models of the time would not have had her body shape).

I took Eve’s measurements and have fit her in the jumpsuit toile that I had altered for my initial model. From this fitting, I will be able to make minor alterations and adapt my patterns. I will then tailors tack and cut my fabric.