Research from the wardrobe department

by Sophea

Women’s 70’s suit (Above)

Nice example of turned up, straight leg trousers trousers, wouldn’t really consider them wide enough to be Oxford bags as they are usually a minimum of 22″ (Above)

1970’s men’s trousers with a slight flare, the pockets are really unusual on these. (Above)


Green 1970’s evening dress. The waist band is a useful reference and obviously have signature wide lapels. (Above)

Men’s 1970’s suit jacket. Although the shape of the suit probably isn’t so different from that of current suits, the lapels really help define the era, (above)

Men’s 1970’s pinstripe suit. (Above)

This is helpful to look at how turn-ups are constructed. I have also decided to put a side pocket into the jumpsuit and a two jet pockets on the back. I have decided to do this because a lot of the suits I have looked at tend to have this on the back of the trousers (as above) and because it is a good skill for me to learn and get used to. I will need to do multiple samples of the jetted pocket before doing it on my fabric as it requires cutting into my fabric.