Interior Designer’s Panto

by Sophea

So I had mentioned in a previous post over summer that I was working on a panto project but unfortunately, because it was for a big organisation, you have to be very careful what you post an when because we didn’t all want to let the cat out of the bag too early.

However, you will be pleased to know that the show was a success and I can now say what I worked on. I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to make Peter Pan’s costume for the Interior Designers Panto of 2014. It is a charity project that runs every 4 years and works for a different charity each time. Last year it was for the NSPCC. It is a great cause. The fabrics, adcs, etc. are all contributed by various interior design shops, designers and so on. The designs themselves are made donated by fashion and costume designers. The Kimono I made was designed by Vivienne Westwood for the show. (I will post the design and the process very soon!)

I learnt a great deal on this project, especially as I had never done menswear. Before starting this, I began the drafting of and cut the fabric for the costume below for the High Priestess. The interior design fabrics react a little differently to ‘regular’ fabrics as they are built for more wear usually and what I found was that most machines –  both industrial and domestic – did not like the fabrics I was using. The Kimono in particular was made using a furnishing fabric, appliquéd onto felt. The entire tartan pattern that is seen on the kimono was made by myself onto the fabric before I had even cut and sewn the kimono together.


All photos in this post to be credited to Helen Murray