Beauty and the Beach: A Guide to Pyjama Dressing

by Sophea

Something to consider making. It is relatively simple and they look really great.

British Pathé Updates

By Amber Butchart, author of Theatre of Fashion and half of Broken Hearts DJ duo.

“The seaside became the world’s most glamorous stage on which all who visited it could play whatever role they fancied for a brief space of time”

As the new season collections begin the rounds in New York, a recent Vogue guide to pyjama dressing is a reminder that one of summer’s biggest trends is far from dead. Pyjama dressing, while sounding like something dreamed up on the pages of fashion magazines never to see the light of day, actually ties in with the Chinoiserie trend and also the 70s revival that was prevalent all over the catwalks and High Street last season. So much so that it has found favour everywhere from Harpers Bazaar to Refinery 29 and Fur Coat, No Knickers, while an influential Style Bubble…

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