The corset I will be making

by Sophea

imageAbove is the housemaid corset that I am using for reference in this corset make. It is heavily corded and contains limited boning and spoon busks. I plan on almost replicating this corset but will use a straight busk instead of a spoon busk and whilst the cording will be almost similar below the waist, their will be less cords in the panels between the bones on the front and back. It will be quite complex to make and will need quite a lot rigorous planning and practice as the cord shrinks the fabric and it is very hard to predict how much. I will need to cord onto the fabric first and then cut the fabric on top of my corded fabric. I will need to lay the pattern on top extremely accurately. It is a relatively complicated corset but will look beautiful when finished. The picture has been taken from the book ‘Corsets: historical patterns and techniques’ by Jill Salen.