Change of direction

by Sophea

I was quite excited at the prospect of making a ladie’s cycling outfit, but unfortunately it will be too big a make to take on considering I should now be on placement with a designer for some of my term. I will instead be doing a smaller make. I really am keen to make ladie’s trousers as I have never made them before. The problem is women didn’t generally begin wearing trousers until the war, so what I decide to make will most likely be relatively contemporary. I could do men’s trousers but quite honestly I am not a fan of men’swear making. I have made a Kimona designed for a show by Vivienne Westwood and I have made a men’s corset and I can’t say that it is something I am extremely enthusiastic about. No doubt I will do some research and post it over time as I decide what I want to make. My tutor suggested I make a land girl costume but the period of the land girl has never been a period that has struck me too much. I am keen to make something I am excited and passionate about whilst I have the option to choose what I make.

My blog might seem a bit chaotic for a while as various projects overlap. I have started to make a corset for an Opera singer called Clare Tunney. It is a very exciting project. I have made a few corsets before, so this is a step forward as I am pushing my skills to learn things like cording and flossing. I am very excited about it!