Adapting my corset block

by Sophea


1. First I traced off my basic block

2. Look at the design and decide how many panels it should have (mine has 6)

3. To create the panels I need to make sure I spread the size of the darts evenly across the new panels I create. Ensure that The waist measurement stays the same once it is altered and that it is the same measurement as the tight waist measurement.

4. Look at the design or image you are using as a source to decide some the top and bottom should be shaped

5. Make sure I mark clearly where my knew lines are marked!

6. Measure the length from the waist to the bottom of the corset on the right side of one panel and the left side of the jointing panel and ensure that the length is correct, so when it is sewn together they match up rather than one being shorter than the other. This can happen as you alter the shape of each panel to suit the person.

7. Repeat step 6 with the top half of the corset from the waist to the top of the corset. This can also be done by cutting along the seam line and putting it against the next panel to ensure it is the correct size. I do it this way as it is much quicker and it means I have killed two birds with one stone by cutting out half of it already

8. Once I feel sure that the pattern is correct and as I want it, cut it out

9. Retrace the pattern again into a fresh piece of paper

10. Mark on my boning channels and eyelet channels or any feature that will need to be marked onto the fabric with chalk or a tracing wheel for consistency, accuracy and as a reference. I will be putting cording into mine, so this also needs to be marked on