My next project

by Sophea

Throughout my degree I have been able to do personal projects, but I have never felt like I have a lot of time to do so. This term we can work solely on a personal making project or go out on work placements. I hope to do both.

Initially I wrote to my tutors and said that I wanted to make a Victorian ladies’ riding outfit. However, the aim of the game is to learn from the making and I have made an awful lot of Victorian wear since starting my degree and I want to learn how to make something other than skirts. I want to make women’s trousers and a blouse as I didn’t get to make one when we did ‘The Lady Killers’, as I was making a tailored Edwardian inspired jacket. What I can gather is that during the Victorian era in England, women still didn’t wear trousers when riding horses as they were brought up to side saddle.

However, doing my quick digging, I came across this blog:

It leant to the possibility of making this project a late Victorian cycling outfit. It means I can make bloomers (ideally with pockets if the research allows it, as I haven’t had to put pockets into my makes as of yet), and possibly a blouse. I have done victorian jackets before, so this should be relatively easy-ish. I will continue my research in this direction and perhaps draw up a rough design to show to my tutors. I am very excited about this project!