Tailors tacking

by Sophea



When doing tailoring of any kind it is best not to mark the fabric with chalk or carbon paper, so it is necessary to tailors tack around all of the edge of the pattern. It will allow me to accurately sew together the pieces. I use a coarse, thick thread so the tacks don’t fall out too easily.

There are two ways I have been shown to do it, although I prefer the latter. The first is to do two running stitches followed by another that you don’t pull tight which creates a loop. The second is to do a loop at each stitch, so that there are no flat or tight stitches. You do not need to back stitch when doing this. Once you have gone around the outline of the pattern pieces to mark on your seam allowance, you pull apart your two pieces of fabric and snip the threads. When you separate the pieces, both sides or both pieces of the fabric will be tacked, ready for construction.