Researching the bustle pad

by Sophea

I wish I had done more research into the bustle pad before making it (although to be fair I did need to hurry the process so that I could have it ready for the next fitting and so I could shape my top skirt). I began doing some reading into the period and found that the shape of the bustle pad I made isn’t the shape it should be for the period, or more that it hasn’t got the trimmings that it wouldn’t have. I enjoy making period underwear such as bustles, bustle pads and chemises, so I wouldn’t mind going back and making the bustle pad the correct way, although the one I have made is more than acceptable to use for this production. The actress will be wearing it under her two costumes that have been made for her for this production: the daywear one I am making and the evening wear that my peer is making.