Creating a Victorian Bustle Pad

by Sophea

This is a helpful reference to my making of the bustle pad

The Brain Squirrel Monologues

Mid to Late Victorian Era gowns were graced with a bustle, and while the profiles may have changed, the most famous and instantaneously recognizable is the backswept narrow profiled bustle. This means that the dress, usually very long, had its train swept up and tacked to the butt of the gown, creating a poof of ruffles and frills.


In the 1880’s the bustles were highly structured, some held up with massive metal cages


others held up with modest “accentuators” called bustle petticoats or bustle pads. These were made from all sorts of materials like horse hair, or scrap fabric.

The following tutorial is for a bustle pad. bustle

It is the easiest bustle structure to make, and by far the most comfortable to wear at a long convention or in the hot sun of an outdoor fair. You may attempt a bustle cage, but if I were you, I’d be sure…

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