Purple pin-stripes

by Sophea

I needed to have two widths of stripes in the same color on my dress. The best way to do this is to ribbon onto the fabric. It was best to start from the center and work my way out, measuring and marking on as I go. The process is very time consuming but is absolutely worth it. It is a style that is very in line with pantomime which is appropriate for this dresses style. A note for next time is to move the foot as close to the ribbon’s edge so that the stitch is almost undetectable unless the design states otherwise. If the time wasn’t so restrained I would have redone them but as time is extremely restricted, I continued in this way. Another issue I faced in my process was that I had run out of ribbon and since it had already been ordered in especially, getting it now at such short noticed seemed absolutely impossible. The back was going to be covered in drape so the obvious option was to just do the front.