Men’s costume

by Sophea

As part of the project I am working on, we needed to source men’s costume from our wardrobe department. The first suit we tried was a bit tight but our actor is quite petite, so we have really struggled with finding something of a reasonable size that would be appropriate. One of the girls in my class suggested using one of her brothers suit which is the one in the image which really saved us using our wardrobe budget to purchase one. It isn’t ideal but I if I sew on black velvet to the collar it will be a lot closer to the tableaux image. He will be wearing a pair of pointed boots and no hat. The mint green shirt, black tie and tie pin will also be being used. I wouldn’t say this is how I expected it to come out but I have learnt quickly that in costume it won’t always go your way and it is about improvising and working with what you can get – preferably for free!!