by Sophea

As a group we are having an introduction into costume supervision. The first part of four was a brief overview of what we might expect in this job role and briefly touched on other aspects of working in wardrobe: being a wardrobe mistress and a dresser. A supervisor is in short the right hand person to the designer. They are responsible of taking on the vision of the designer and applying that to tasks such as sourcing and assisting, usually up until the performance is due to go on stage. At this point, responsibilities are then handed over to the wardrobe mistress. They handle the Supervisor’s Bible (or as some prefer to say the production folder). All the information needed for a production will be stored in the folder, every folder is different and is stored so people looking to do revivals can reference it. General skills for a supervisor include an excellent knowledge of Excel, budget management, fabrics, suppliers, costume stores and have their own personal database. They must also have knowledge of alterations, measuring and fitting skills.