17/01/14 Fitting

by Sophea

WP_20140116_005 WP_20140116_006 WP_20140116_007 WP_20140116_008 WP_20140116_010

These images are of my actress in my fitting. From here we can begin to understand the shape the suit will take on her. The character that she is playing is that of an old lady. The person assisting in our fittings suggested that the back didn’t fit correctly, although I didn’t feel it was necessary for it to be tailored the way she wanted. In my mind, this character is probably a widow in her 70’s or 80’s. She wouldn’t have nice new clothing and if anything the fit would not be the same as before. If this was a younger character then frumpiness wouldn’t probably be an option. Either way I need to take on board others comments and will adjust the back, even if I am not completely satisfied. From this fitting I can finish the garment.