Lady Killer’s

by Sophea

I have been terrible about posting for this project! However, I promise to get back on track.

This project is a tableaux of the Ealing comedy film The Lady Killer’s. After a lot of thorough research, all departments including mine have come together to create this ensemble. It has become really quite exciting over the last week as for the first time we have seen it come together. In the production meetings the conversations have really driven me to feel the buzz about the potential of this project. Our costumes have been made from scratch by us, including our patterns.

All of the costume construction students were split into groups of two and then each character’s outfits were broken down so that one person got a jacket and the other had to make a skirt and blouse. We were given designs and images to follow by our designer Simon. I was allocated a jacket to make. The color pallet is various shades of pinks, creams and purple, mainly focusing on the purple tones. I have pictures to follow of my makes and progress through making which might make the break down of my journey a little easier.

Not only have I found this project extremely interesting and fun, but I really feel it has helped me progress very quickly in my work. It has kept me engaged and excited. I cannot wait to see the finished outcome at the end of January!