Geffrye Museum, Hoxton

by Sophea

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Today I visited the Geffrye Museum in Hoxton, London. Although it wasn’t to my taste I did get a lot from it in relation to my course. It was really quite interesting to see homes through the years and how things have developed very slowly overtime: from grandeur to minimalism. I was quite excited at seeing the rooms all set up as opposed to the little rooms you have to walk through to get there, which I struggled to focus on. It all felt a bit of a drag until the last rooms. This could be just be though and i do suggest that everyone goes to take a peak, especially as it’s a freebee and could kill a few hours in the winter days to come. Unless I was undertaking a project in set design/construction, interior design or something similar, I don’t think I would return. For now I feel I have collected all the information I need for future projects to come, but who knows!!