Die Fledermaus – ENO opera

by Sophea

Lucky me, I got to see Die Fledermaus; a vibrant, decadent and beautiful opera. In the past i have seen a mixed batch of operas and I was worrying what the outcome of this would be. Thankfully, the ENO’s adaption of the opera was beautifully crafted and there was not a point in the performance where I drifted or thought it was time for it to it. The set and costumes were a real indulgence for me. Not to mention the outstanding cast. I did feel that there was a small divide between the strengths in some of the female characters with regards to their talent, but overall it was very pleasant. I would most definitely see it again.

The first half was really well crafted and staged and from the feedback everyone understood where it was coming from and going. It wasn’t until after the second half that some of the audience I spoke to began to feel confused. The story leapt out of control and despite being an English speaking Opera with English subtitles, many felt like they lost the plot of the performance. It began to move very rapidly. I can understand why this put some people off but for me it was very much about the journey that this Opera took me on, not just the out come or narrative.

I truly would recommend this to people, especially those who haven’t been to the Opera and are skeptical about the outcome. I would very much list it highly as a beginners guide to Opera: it’s accessible. Give it a year or so and I would return to it, perhaps with another Opera house to see how they might tell the story. All in all I am very satisfied!