Cirque Eloize ID, The Peackock Theatre

by Sophea

You would think that considering how amazing this advert looks, Cirque Eloize is too spectacular but I was extremely disappointed! I cannot express how talented the acts are but the truth is that once I had seen one act once, I got bored and the whole thing became monotonous and boring.

The first act looked promising as a male and female dancer performed beautifully in an acrobatic style! I was even drawn to the story but after that first performance, the narrative was picked up and dropped so frequently that the narrative became pointless to follow. The narrative they did show was like a badly done urban West Side story.

Some members of the cast insisted on trying to gain audience participation with constant clapping before stunts but it all felt a bit forced. Another big issue was how distracting the lights and projections were: they overwhelmed the stage. Combined with the often all over the place group choreography I felt lost. Usually I like to attend shows and looks at the costume but quite honestly a five year could have scribbled together the costumes for this performances. Some looked like they had been drawn on a piece of paper with a crayon and had stumbled off of the page onto a set.

The set itself was very simple and worked with the stunts but was overwhelmed by the lighting. I am glad I have seen it as it is good to see stuff that you don’t enjoy alongside the stuff you do, but I can guarantee that I wouldn’t waste my time to see it again. Once you have been once, that is more than enough!!