V&A illustrations

by Sophea

v&a illustrations

I returned again to the V&A to see what other inspirations I could get from the fashion section. I recorded images as well as notes. Some the notes read:

  • Baroque print.
  • Vivienne Westwood 2011.
  • A corset  was an idea I did consider, as not only does it contain the body, it manipulates it. It acts as a very structured cabinet for the waist and stomach. I feel that making a standard corset would not be original enough and doesn’t push me to experiment as much as I would like to. Therefore, i would like to push my idea away from this direction.
  • 1920’s style is very relevant to this project as during prohibition, coats and jackets were used for bootlegging.
  • I like the military look of 18th century riding jackets. I’m always interested in formal period clothing or pieces for occasion. The intricacy and details are what I feel make garments a success.